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What you can do. What you get.
  • Become an Internet Service Provider (ISP), completely Free of charge.
  • Supply your own FREE Internet Service from your site.
  • Bring Extra Traffic to your site.
  • Give away a Value Added Service.
  • Supply Free email with your own domain name (small additional fee)
  • Your own FREE branded ISP service.
  • Your own FREE branded ISP Home Page linked to your Site.
  • FREE Content - News, Sport, Entertainment.
  • Your own FREE branded Classified Ads.
  • FREE on-line WebSite Design Tool
  • FREE 4theNET Webmaster tools from UK Hyperbanner
  • UK wide Local Rate access via an 0845 number.
  • Dial up access at 33.6/56K/V90 plus ISDN access at 64K and 128K.
  • Free webspace and email for your Users.
  • Automatic on-line signup for your Users.
  • Technical Support Hot-Line.
What you need to do. What happens next?
  • Fill in the on-line application form.
  • Agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Supply us your Logo and Banner, the sizes are specified on the application form.
  • We will visit your site to see that it is suitable.  We will not supply a 4Free VISP service to any site that promotes any kind of illegal activity, incites or promotes racial intolerance or provides pornographic material.
  • We set-up your 4Free VISP Service and provide you with the codes to link your site.
  • You add the links to your site.
Who can Qualify? Whats the catch?
  • Any UK Business,  Charity or Professional Organisation.
  • You need your own URL or web address.
  • You cannot be hosted on another Free ISP.
  • If you do not have your own web site, we can host it for you and supply a domain name and virtual server package.
  • The Owner MUST be over 18.

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  • You will need to signup at least 50 active subscribers within your first 3 months.
  • The service is funded by an advertising banner which will appear on your ISP Home Page.
  • A small 'Powered by 4Free' Logo will also appear on your ISP Home Page and Sign-Up Pages.
  • The 4Free VISP service is suitable for up to 1,500 subscribers.   If you sign-up more than 1,500 active subscribers we will recommend that you move up to our VISP/2 service and earn an income from supplying Free Internet.  More details of VISP/2 are available on request, just email and we will be in touch.

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